The Simple Joy of Figs

The fig tree is about as iconic as flora can become (right up there with roses and palm trees) and its mystical charm has truly endeared it to humanity. Perhaps it’s the velvety, plump fruit with [...]

Golden Neroli

Neroli is a common component in perfumery which is said to have calming and uplifting effects on those who smell it. This top to middle note is fresh, sweet and reminiscent of honey –  the [...]

Perennial Cedarwood

Cedarwood is one of those ingredients that has stood the test of time. This evergreen coniferous tree from the pine and juniper family has been used by human beings for thousands of years for its [...]

Warming To Tolu Balsam

This month we are delving into the sweet and balsamic note of Tolu balsam, a raw material that was first discovered in South America. It is named for the Tolú, an indigenous people of North [...]

Poignant Patchouli

Patchouli is a paradoxical and characterful herb from the aromatic lavender, sage and mint family. When you first encounter the strong, sensuous smell of patchouli you might imagine the plant to [...]

Candle Gift Guide

Check out our Constantia Heights votive candle set on Rouge Beauty’s latest gift guide.  You can enjoy this votive set across all 3 of our fragrance ranges. Gift Guide: Candles  

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