I am a Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist based in the beautiful heart of Cape Town.

This year marks my 10th year of being in this incredible industry and I have truly been blessed in my career.  I started out with humble beginnings doing test shoot after test shoot in exchange for portfolio pictures which was were I gained a lot of my knowledge on working with all skin tones and different features.

Then a few years later, came my 'big break' - Top Billing. I had grown up watching the show and when I got the opportunity to be a makeup  artist for the show, it was an absolute dream come true.

I have also worked at a many production company’s while freelancing that made content for VIA for a few years, that was my first family and to this day I hold them all very close to my heart. I was HOD for several different TV shows, I and then made the hard decision to spread my wings and fly to Cardova, live TV for Expresso and Afternoon Express. I was with that family for almost 4 years where I made life long friendships and clients that I will always have a special place in my heart.

My clients and people I have met along the way have been my main source of motivation and happiness.  The most challenging obstacle I have had to face in my career was when first lock-down was implemented and I couldn’t work and share my passion with the world, it was extremely frustrating and discouraging not knowing when I would be able to work and do what I love.

I slowly started to get back into my work when restrictions started lifting, everything was very unfamiliar and having to make sure my kit was cleaner than ever, my OCD was off the rails making sure the safety of my clients and myself were in place at all times.

I have been truly blessed and don't take anything for granted and I couldn't think of any other career path, i have learnt so many lessons and skills that I will carry with me and onto my children one day.

I find beauty in every client that goes under my brush.