Earth Day 2023: Invest in our planet

On Saturday, April 2023, we once again commemorate Earth Day. We encourage you to come together in partnership under this year's theme - "Invest in our Planet" and help raise awareness to improve our environment for a better and safer future. 

Our planet is a magical place which depends on us to help it flourish! Explore a few tips below to help make a difference every day of the year:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint

Consider adopting a plant-based diet, driving less, utilizing energy-efficient equipment, and generating less waste.

  • Switch to re-useable bags 

You can help the environment while gaining the advantages of convenience and cost savings by using reusable bags. In order to limit your use of plastic bags, remember to carry your own the next time you go shopping. 

  • Shop local 

Local companies frequently use local suppliers for goods and services, minimizing the environmental impact of shipping and transit. By shopping locally, you support the expansion and improvement of your community while taking advantage of quality goods and services.

  • Grow an organic garden 

A garden that is organically grown may increase soil health, support biodiversity, and provide food that is both fresh and nutrient-rich.  

  • Turn off lights when not in use 

Another easy and efficient way to cut energy use and save money is to turn off lights when not in use. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions linked to energy generation decrease.

By taking these small steps we can all contribute to making a difference in protecting our planet. Every action counts, no matter how small. Let’s work together to make Earth Day every day!