At last, something for the moms!

Mother's day is such a special day for us to celebrate the mother figures in our lives. Now, more than ever, it's important to show the ones we love just how much they mean to us.

We've arranged a select number of elegant gifts that smell exquisite and will last much longer than a gift of, say, flowers. From mini candles to large statement pieces, this year, we're giving you the opportunity to shop 20% off sitewide when using the code MDAY online. Let's get started!

1: New mom gift ideas: Mini Candle + 50ml Hand Sanitiser 

Little luxuries to make sure she's kept germ-free and still able to indulge in a little "me-time".









2: Gift ideas for the full-time mom: 500ml Large Diffuser + Soap, Lotion and Classic Candle  Gift Set

Statement pieces to inspire her inner interior designer and help her pursue a personal 'passion project'.









3: For the working mom: Room and Linen Interior Spray + Luxury Hand Cream 

On-the-go luxury items that are easy to pop into her handbag and revitalise her in a pinch!









4: Moms-in-law: 

A bit of everything for the special lady who raised your significant other.









Still can't decide? Allow your special someone to discover their scent with our brand new fragrance discovery kit. The kit contains 5ml perfume vials from each of our six signature fragrances. Perfect to trial and experience their personal favourite.