International Women’s Day 2023

Today, we stop. We breathe, reflect and celebrate the achievements of women around the world.

We have come so far since 1908 when International Women's Day was first inaugurated by over 100,000 women at the first International Labour Conference in Copenhagen. Let us look to the future – to what a gender equal world could look like if everybody simply embraced equity – diversity, inclusion and justice for all.

Our beautifully ambitious team at Cape Island is dedicated to breaking down gender barriers and creating a more inclusive environment for all. We are committed to the principles of gender equality and will continue to work towards improving our policies, practices and culture. Together we feel we are creating a better world.

Each one of us is intriguingly unique and our experiences shape who we are. Fragrance is quite profound in that it can elicit a range of emotions that trigger memories and stories from one’s past. Our mission is to deliver the most evocative fragrances that move, heal and capture your heart and mind, creating new experiences that resonate with those unforgettable moments in life.

We acknowledge and encourage every resilient, passionate and determined woman we have had and will have the pleasure of crossing paths with. We hear you.

We see you. We celebrate with you, today.