Love Is In The Air: Top 3 Romantic Scents

Love Is In The Air:  Top 3 Romantic Scents


There is no doubt about the transformative power of scents, and even more when it comes to romance! 

Creating a fragrant atmosphere is essential in setting those Valentine's Day vibes and reinforcing the connection with your loved one.

Here is our top 3 Cape island fragrances for a romantic Valentine’s Day scene:

  1. African Storm

Experience the gentle notes of our African Storm fragrance - REJUVENATING, RELAXING, SOOTHING. 

Make a statement with Our African Storm scented candles this Valentine's. Candles are a great way to add warmth and make the experience more meaningful. With notes like exotic baobab, jasmine and the warmth of white sandalwood, this fragrance is perfect for the occasion. 

  1. Wild Coast 

We might be biased but our Wild Coast fragrance ticks all the boxes when it comes to love and romance. Pop one of our beautiful fragranced diffusers in the room when setting your special Valentine’s Day dinner, and let the sensual and exotic scent linger while creating an amorous sanctuary. 

  1. Black Gold

Bold, calming and decadent are the characteristics of this fragrance. The gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum in Black Gold  give way to the pull of lingering tobacco and rich oud and release a very dramatic, yet decadent aura. 

Add a touch of luxury to your Valentine’s Day date by indulging in the goodness and luxury of our BG hand cream.