New in: Votive trio gift set

Meet the latest addition to our fragrance family – our Votive Candle Gift Set. 

Nothing can compare to choosing a scent that resonates with you, striking a match, lighting a candle, and filling the entire room with fragrance while lounging in the flickering light...

Embark on an olfactory journey with these scented mini candles containing our signature gold foil detail and luxury fragrance. 

Whether you’re looking to impart a luxury gifting experience, in need of bringing life into a new home or keen to discover new scents, our trio gift set is the ideal mini treat!

Explore our list below and discover why they're on the top of our must-have products:  

  • They are the perfect size for traveling with and taking your favourite scents with you wherever you go. 
  • They allow you to strategically place scents around your home and allow for a maximum spread of the fragrance. 
  • Three different mini fragrances mean that there’s something for every room and every mood
  • They make great hosting accessories, place them in entry ways or on the dinner table.

Available in our six signature fragrances - shop them online here.