African Storm - A tribute to the women of Africa and their courageous spirit.

Hope Risen (formerly known as Hope For Women) was founded in 2009 with the vision to spread love, hope and justice in the quest to end modern day slavery and exploitation. This is made possible through prevention and awareness initiatives carried out alongside direct interventions to rescue, restore and reintegrate women, men and children who have been exploited. 

Hope Risen (Hope for Women) started after founding member, Tabitha Lage, inadvertently encountered the phenomenon whilst working in an unrelated field. Her work took her into the townships surrounding Johannesburg, South Africa, where she formed relationships with people in the local communities. She began to hear stories about children who were being abused and taken away from their families and communities. Upon further questioning she discovered that they were being sold. Being unfamiliar with human trafficking, she started to research what she was hearing, and it became clear to her that the stories she was hearing were cases of human trafficking.

Their team consists of a  community of passionate men and women who don’t mind getting our hands dirty, gracefully hustling our way through the challenges of ending slavery. They are a community of support and encouragement, strengthening and building each other up as we work to bring about the changes we believe are possible in the world.

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