Scented Stories Unveiled: Cape Island's 12 Days of Xmas Fragrance Extravaganza

This festive season, Cape Island invites you to embark on a scented journey like never before with our '12 Days of Christmas' campaign. From 01-12 December, each day reveals a special product or bundle, allowing you to unwrap the magic and discover the captivating stories behind our luxury home fragrances.

Today, on day 1, we offer our Green Christmas Collection—a masterpiece that intertwines eco-luxury with the essence of the festive season. Beyond mere fragrances, this collection embodies a storytelling journey, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and the craft of product and packaging design.

The Importance of Telling Stories Through Fragrance:

In a world filled with products, we believe that stories are the key to a more engaging and memorable experience. Every fragrance, every design, and every detail in our collection unfolds a narrative—a tale of luxury, sustainability, and the magic of the festive season.

Beyond the opulent scents and eco-luxury packaging, our Green Christmas Collection narrates the story of a South African Christmas in the summer. Our packaging design captures the warmth, the twinkle of lights, and the dancing flicker of a candle flame. Through these carefully crafted elements, we invite you to experience the joy, celebration, and unique beauty of a Southern Hemisphere Christmas.

Signature Scent of Celebration:

Warm cinnamon spice, pungent cloves, comforting vanilla, rich amber, and soft caramel are harmoniously blended to capture the spirit of the holidays. This scent creates an enchanting ambiance to fill our spaces with a festive aroma that will last throughout the season and beyond.

A Blend of Luxury and Green Living:

Cape Island's Green Christmas Collection is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional products that harmonise quality and sustainability. This beautifully crafted collection offers a chance for consumers to explore infusing their homes with luxury while embracing green living.

Today's Bundle Includes:

  • A 100-ml Mini Scented Candle—a distinctively luxurious gifting treat and stocking filler.
  • A 250-ml Classic Scented Candle: The glass cup may be rinsed and reused or recycled once the candle is done.
  • A Christmas Cracker 50-ml Mini Diffuser: The cracker's interior packaging can be repurposed to create personalised gift tags and name place cards for your festive table setting.

On offer today (01 December 2023) only at R699 per bundle.* Unwrap the Green Christmas Collection and indulge your senses while becoming a part of a fragrant story that lingers long after the holidays are over. Embrace the narrative, celebrate the season, and infuse your space with the spirit of a truly enchanting Christmas.


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*Ts and Cs apply.