Scenting Your Home - Summer edition

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply freshening up your home, we've grouped together our Summer recommendations for scenting up your space. 

From elegant diffusers to sophisticated candles, or a simple gentle spritz of your signature fragrance, you can instantly fill a room with your favourite scent.

Clifton Beach - Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, and any room really. Its fresh-coconut scent lingers and leaves a touch of Summer after every use.​

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Wild Coast - Elevate your living room or entertainment area with this tropical infusion. The balance of sweet and floral fragrance notes cling to the air creating a warm, uplifting atmosphere, leaving guests feeling relaxed and energized. ​

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Summer Vineyard – Enjoy an afternoon soaking up the sunshine and reminiscing of the green and beautiful Winelands flaura. The sweet and spicy scent of Neroli will immediately create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Safari Days – Let the wilderness call you home to a place where your mind is calm, focused and revived. The fresh and light fragrance notes of bergamot and calming cerdarwood blends to create a base smell for an evening dinner without interfering with the natural aroma of the setting. Make your candlelight dinners memorable by shopping our Safari Days candle range.