Tips For Becoming More Environmentally Friendly: Cape Island Refills

Our Cape Island range of refills for soapslotions and fragrance diffusers supports product longevity in a disposable era. As a conscious brand, we continually strive to find new ways to offer a more sustainable product that causes the least harm to the environment. 

We encourage you to follow the #refillisthenewrecycle trend and contribute to protecting the planet by refilling and reusing empty product bottles and dispensers instead of throwing them away. 


Develop the habit of recyclingand reusing, consequently reducing waste and the negative impact on the environment.

Follow these tips:

Declutter – Instead of throwing away old things when cleaning your home, pick out items that can be donated, repurposed or reupholstered.

Shop Consciously - When shopping, notice the amount of packaging material you buy that will simply be tossed out. Use reusable tote bags for grocery shopping and choose reusable produce bags to avoid plastic waste.

Reuse - Instead of single-use items like plastic water bottles or shopping bags, opt for reusable options. 

Compost - Learn how to compost food and soiled paper waste and enrich your soil to promote healthy plant growth.

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We’d love to know which sustainable actions you are taking as you join in this global collective call.

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