Unveiling the Heart of the Festive Season: Cape Island's Ruby-Red Christmas Collection

Cape Island's signature festive scent, 'Celebration', encased in stunning ruby-red packaging, is more than a colour choice. This vibrant red collection is curated to capture the very essence of the season, bringing a deeper meaning to your Christmas celebrations.

The choice of this bold and warm hue is intentional, representing the passion and joy that permeate the holiday season. It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas, fostering a sense of affection and connection with loved ones.

The fragrance itself is a symphony of delightful notes, each carefully selected to evoke the true essence of the holidays. Surround yourself with the comforting aroma of cinnamon spice, the pungent richness of cloves, the sweet embrace of vanilla, and the indulgent warmth of soft caramel. This olfactory journey is a nostalgic voyage to the heartwarming moments that make Christmas special.

In addition to the captivating fragrance, the Cape Island Christmas Collection packaging plays a pivotal role and was developed to encapsulate the essence of a South African Christmas. The design paints a vivid picture of the summer sun, twinkling lights, and the mesmerizing flicker of a candle flame. It's a celebration of traditions and the joy of giving, reminding us of the shared moments that make this season truly magical.

This Christmas, let your gifts carry a deeper meaning as you share the heart of the season with those you hold dear.

Step into the heart of Christmas with Celebration in ruby-red packaging – a sensory journey and a heartfelt gift that embodies the true spirit of the holidays, now available at selected Woolworths stores nationwide