Following the African tradition, we are a brand with a passion for telling stories through our products in a way that inspires people. The story of Africa is told through the fragrances themselves but also through the dramatic artwork that adorns our packaging. Each item we produce connects you to the natural landscape and the many cultures and emotions woven into it. As an environmentally and socially responsible company, we recognise that simply telling these stories is not enough. Our mission is to be a force for positive change in our immediate community and the wider continent by finding ways to give back to our original muse, Africa.


Cape Island Designs (Pty) Ltd is a female-owned, proudly South African manufacturer. We produce a range of eco-luxe home fragrance products inspired by Africa, with a strong focus on ethical manufacturing and sourcing of sustainable raw materials. 


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As part of our Giving Back initiative, we have partnered with local NPO's to spread a little more light in the world. Each of our fragrance collections supports a local non-profit that speaks to the unique tribute carried by each scent. 

These organisations receive regular donations based on a percentage of sales from our hugely popular 250ml classic candles and 100ml room and linen fragrance.


“ I chose Cape Island for our wedding day because they are simply my favourite luxury fragrance products brand! The Cape Island candles fill the room with the most magnificent scents; we chose “African Storm” as our wedding scent" — Irina  Devine,  South African influencer

“ Absolutely beautiful candle and such a special gift for a friend of mine who is now living in Amsterdam. For South Africans now living abroad, these candles make the most amazing gifts as you can be reminded of your home country while having a bubble bath or lighting a candle for ambiance in your home. I love the entire collection! " 

— Lauren du Toit, online customer

"Adding much luxury and style to my guest bathroom ensuring my guests feel spoiled and special. Lovely fragrance further compliments the extraordinary packaging. " 

— Megan Abrahams, Interior Designer