Many of us use scents such as room deodorisers and air fresheners to fragrance our homes or cover up nasty smells.

If you love home fragrances, room sprays, scented diffusers, and scented candles are all great ways to enhance your environment and fragrance your home. A pleasing scent can instantly refresh a room and make it feel fresher, cleaner, and more inviting.


Here are 5 more ways to ensure a fresh smelling space:


Open your windows as often as possible. This allows fresh, natural air into your room and carries away stale odours. Indoor fans further assist with evenly distributing air throughout your home and circulating stagnant air.


Fresh Flowers

Pungent flowers placed in the spaces you spend most of your time will improve your home's smell and aesthetic at the same time. Visit your local florist to assemble the prefect bouquet, or consider growing your favourite flowers in your garden to harvest and display inside.


Essential Oils

Use high-quality essential oils to create scented sachets for use in closets, drawers and air vents. You may want to also sprinkle a few drops onto surfaces that won't damage, e.g. the basket of pine cones on the coffee table.


Baked Goods

There's nothing like the aroma of freshly baked cookies or homemade bread to create the most inviting smell. If you're counting calories or not up for the effort involved in baking, simply add some cinnamon, orange peels, and rosemary to simmering water on the stove for a clean, vibrant, warming aroma.


Baking Soda

Used on its own or combined with other ingredients, baking soda has the ability to neutralise odours for fresher indoor air. Combine it with cornstarch and your favourite essential oil to make an effective and fragrant carpet deodoriser, or add water and a few drops of essential oil for a lightly scented room spray.


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