Celebrate our South African Landscape this Heritage Day with Cape Island - The Heart of African Luxury

Every 24th of September, South Africans celebrate their roots, their rich and awe-inspiring diverse cultures. It is a day that recognises and promotes a shared national identity despite the many cultural differences. 

Our rainbow nation houses some of the most historical landscapes as part of our national heritage. The South African landscape is as beautiful as it culturally diverse. It is characterised by an abundance of natural wonders - famous beaches, mountains, deserts and many more natural features. 

Following the African tradition, Cape Island is a brand with a passion for telling stories through our products in a way that inspires people.

The outstanding and dramatic artwork that adorns our packaging is a fascinating depiction of our beautiful land. More than fragrance, each item we produce connects you to the natural landscape and the many cultures and emotions woven into it. 

Here’s how our packaging finds its inspiration from our motherland:

Each of our collections is packaged in dramatically embellished boxes with hand-drawn illustrations inspired by South Africa’s natural biodiversity.

Black Gold Collection

Inspired by Africa’s intrinsic wealth of gold, diamonds and endangered wildlife

Inspired by the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Southern Africa's earliest known indigenous kingdom, where the famed golden rhino artefact was discovered in a royal grave in 1932. Our Black Gold fragrance is a tribute to Africa’s indigenous natural wealth – from gold and diamonds to its precious endangered wildlife. The rhino is used as a symbol of this meaningful tribute.


African Storm Collection

Inspired by the dramatic thunderstorms of the highveld region of South Africa

African Storm is an energising and rejuvenating fragrance inspired by the dramatic highveld thunderstorms and Jacaranda trees of the Gauteng area.

This fragrance pays tribute to the women of Africa and this is represented by the elephant symbolism used in the artwork. The elephant is water-loving and matriarchal and possesses a gentle strength.

Safari Days

An ode to the silent, fierce beauty of the African bushveld where nature demands that we respect her.

Inspired by the wildest parts of Africa and a deep respect for nature, our Safari Days fragrance is dedicated to the fierce natural beauty of the African wilderness. The tribute is communicated through the colour palette of Orange and Amber as well as the illustrations of an exquisite leopard and wild acacia thorns printed on the packaging.

Clifton Beach

A tribute to the natural beauty of the Cape coastline

Our Clifton Beach collection celebrates the world-famous turquoise waters of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, often rated among the best beaches in the world.

The Clifton Beach fragrance captures what it feels like to soak up the African sun while the refreshing Atlantic Ocean waves are crashing nearby. 

Summer Vineyard

Inspired by the fresh green gardens on South Africa’s world-renowned wine estates

An elegant, uplifting fragrance inspired by sunshine pouring over lush gardens and the sweeping green vistas found on many of South Africa’s best loved wine estates. The Summer Vineyard fragrance celebrates the beauty of the winelands and the world-renowned wine making culture of South Africa.

Wild Coast

Inspired by the rugged, untamed natural beauty of South Africa’s Wild Coast. 

The sweetly seductive scent embodies the diversity of the region, its beautiful people, unspoiled beaches, sub-tropical climate and magical landscape. Wild Coast offers its tribute to the resilient youth of Africa and the promise of hope for a better future.


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