Celebrate the change in season with Cape Island!

Celebrate the changing season with Cape Island

The spring season revitalises nature all over the world, but no springtime is quite as magical as in Africa. The distinctive scent of fynbos, the abundance of wildlife that draws visitors from all over the world, paired with the unparalleled climate – African springtime is set to rejuvenate your spirit and soul. 

Springtime is the perfect season to start afresh and make new memories, and adopting a new fragrance is the perfect kickstarter to inspire and encourage you as the days grow warmer and longer. 

Explore our top Spring fragrance picks: 

Wild Coast - where elegant iris captures enticing notes of black currant and wild jasmine grounded with rich praline and patchouli

Sensual and floral, submerge yourself in the provocative scent of our Wild Coast fragrance.

Deeply fragrant with notes reminiscent of the scenic KZN, this wild fragrance welcomes a rich, sultry, and captivating touch of tropical - much like the province itself! This sophisticated blend of musky black currant, sweet wild jasmine, and the intoxicating scent of praline and patchouli combine to form a unique and enticing fragrance that is sure to bring about warmth and sunshine to your space.

Summer Vineyardwhere elegant neroli blends with the sophistication of fresh fig leaf and alluring ylang-ylang

Taking inspiration from those relaxed afternoons spent soaking up the sweeping green vistas, sunshine and lush, blossoming gardens found on many of South Africa’s best loved wine estates, this refined blend of honeyed neroli, decadent fresh fig, and the floral ylang-ylang creates a deep, alluring fragrance that will remind you of all the reasons you love our beautiful country.

Find your signature springtime scent with Cape Island's luxurious collections of inspirational and vibrant fragrances here.