Accent Your Home With Cape Island

How often do you update your home decor?

It is amazing what effect a change in fragrance or simple rearrangement of furniture can have on your overall aesthetic. One way to keep your decor exciting and inviting is by revamping pockets of your home regularly.

Here are some tips to help you create an inspired space:

1. Spruce up your home with statement pieces
Choose art and decor pieces that match your personality and speak the season you’re in. Opt for unique and striking pieces that will add richness to your interior and construct a more dynamic space.

Our 500ml diffusers serve as the perfect statement piece for your home. Whether positioned in your entryway, bathroom, or lounge Cape Island diffusers are designed with opulence in mind. 

2. Play with accessories and textures
From rugs, pillows, curtains and throws to bedding, textures and colours play an essential role in awakening our senses of touch and sight. Consider vibrant colours, patterns, and textures that add a touch of fun to your home.

3. Set up a cosy corner to encourage mindfulness
Whether you opt to spend me-time in your reading spot or coffee corner, create a space that will provide you with a serene atmosphere to help you relax and restore your energy. Our bedrooms are often the most set-up for time out. Transform your bed into a comforting refuge by investing in quality bedding and duvet covers. A spritz of your favourite Cape Island room spray on linen is the perfect added touch of sensory delight.

4. Add your favourite home fragrance
Enliven your sense of smell by selecting a heavenly home fragrance. The scents we love have the power to transform our interiors into restful, warm havens.

Explore our range of Cape Island home fragrance products, including fragrant diffusers, room sprays and scented candles that help you create your perfect space to spend in relaxation and doing the things that bring you joy.

Stay with us and keep a lookout for more decor and styling tips.