Love your Cape Island scented candle? Well, there's a room spray to match it! A fragrant room spray is a great way to add a touch of luxury and instantly refresh your space, wherever you may find yourself.

Follow our tips below to achieve the best results with your favourite interior fragrance.

Layer the scent

Select a high-quality room spray that will linger for a good few hours and layer it with its matching diffuser and candle for maximum results. Alternatively, use a complementary fragrance to create your own very unique scent.

Cover a wider area

Spray fragrance onto linen, curtains, cushions and other textiles for an extra boost of scent that permeates your entire home. 

We suggest performing a stain test on a discreet area before spritzing all over your favourite fabrics.

Spray inside cupboards

Revitalise tired cupboards and their contents by spraying the inside with a few pumps of your preferred scent once or twice a week. Spray into corners and over shelves for an easy way to eliminate musty odours and keep your cupboard smelling fresh. 

Scented travel

While you're at it, why not spritz your vehicle for an enjoyable sensory experience while on the move. You could also bring the smell of home along with you on weekends away or longer holiday stays. Spritz all over your hotel room, chalet or villa to feel more at home and disguise any unwanted smells.


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