Go Big With Statement Pieces

Designed to dazzle, our statement pieces elevate your living space with their striking presence and powerful scent. 

Why you should grab them:

Create a focal point in any room

An easy way to decorate your space is by starting with centerpieces around which your decor accessories may be based. Statement pieces demand attention and create a focal point that directs the gaze.

Bigger containers last longer

Envelop your space in luxury fragrance for longer periods by upsizing your candles and diffusers. Select our 500ml scented candles and large diffusers for a wider diffusion of fragrance throughout your interior.


Cape Island soaps, lotions, and diffusers are designed with reuse in mind and are refillable. Purchase your refill online here.

Let our striking statement pieces add a touch of luxury and elegance to your space, welcoming anyone who enters with inviting blends of fragrance.

Explore the collection and find your signature fragrance here