We’re thrilled that you’re joining us on this journey and hope you’ll love our luxurious range of home fragrances inspired by the natural beauty of Africa. To most people, a smell isn't just a fragrance - it's a memory, a nostalgic tie to somewhere or someone we cherish. Aside from their memory-inducing powers, certain scents can also do amazing things for our mind and body... 

Discover your signature scent here:


1. CLIFTON BEACHA tribute to the natural beauty of the Cape coastline

The very first fragrance to be created by CAPE ISLAND celebrates the world famous turquoise waters of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, often rated among the best beaches in the world.

The Clifton Beach fragrance captures what it feels like to soak up the African sun while the refreshing Atlantic Ocean waves are crashing nearby. The coconut and vanilla notes have a relaxing effect on the mind and the body, easing anxiety and tension, which is why our Clifton Beach fragrance is the perfect scent for anyone longing for that holiday feeling.

Fragrance Description: Where sun-warmed coconut combines with the opulence of tolu balsam and a zest of fresh lime


2. SUMMER VINEYARDA tribute to the natural beauty of the Cape winelands

An elegant, uplifting fragrance inspired by sunshine pouring over lush gardens and the sweeping green vistas found on many of South Africa’s best loved wine estates. The Summer Vineyard fragrance (previously called Constantia Heights) celebrates the beauty of the winelands and the world-renowned wine making culture of South Africa. Categorised as a green floral scent, Summer Vineyard is floral but not overly sweet. Bright neroli and delightful ylang-ylang are blended with fresh fig leaf and an unmistakable petitgrain note.

Fragrance Description: Where elegant neroli blends with the sophistication of fresh fig leaf and alluring ylang-ylang


3. SAFARI DAYS - A tribute to the natural beauty of the African bushveld

Inspired by the wildest parts of Africa and a deep respect for nature, our Safari Days fragrance is dedicated to the fierce natural beauty of the African wilderness. The tribute is communicated through the colour palette of orange and amber as well as the illustrations of an exquisite leopard and wild acacia thorns which are printed on the packaging. Woody yet fresh, this unisex fragrance is down-to-earth and calming but still elegant. Like all living aromatics, this blend evolves with time. Crisp bergamot settles slowly into a grounding blend of cypress, patchouli, cedarwood and wild sage.

Fragrance Description: Where spicy patchouli combines with earthy cedarwood, a hint of bergamot and wild sage


4. BLACK GOLD - A tribute to the conservation of Africa’s endangered wildlife

Inspired by the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, southern Africa's earliest known indigenous kingdom, where the famed golden rhino artefact was discovered in a royal grave in 1932. Our newest fragrance, Black Gold, is a tribute to Africa’s indigenous natural wealth – from gold and diamonds to its precious endangered wildlife. The rhino is used as a symbol of this meaningful tribute. This bold aromatic offers gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum that are layered with tobacco and rich Oudh. Black Gold is a unisex fragrance that is intense and decadent.

Fragrance Description: Where gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum give wayto the pull of lingering tobacco and rich oud


5. AFRICAN STORM A tribute to the women of Africa and their courageous spirit

Released in 2019, African Storm is an energising and rejuvenating fragrance inspired by the dramatic highveld thunderstorms and jacaranda trees of the Gauteng area. This fragrance pays tribute to the women of Africa and this is represented by the elephant symbolism used in the artwork. The elephant is water-loving and matriarchal and possesses a gentle strength which is why it was chosen to represent the African Storm tribute to women. The leading herbaceous note is energetic at first but settles into the soft, feminine notes of jasmine and sandalwood, creating a dynamic and warming fragrance.

Fragrance Description: Where the petrichor of fresh rain is unleashed through a burst of exotic baobab, jasmine and the warmth of white sandalwood


 6. WILD COAST - A tribute to the untamed beauty of South Africa’s Wild Coast

A provocative scent inspired by the rugged, untamed beauty of South Africa’s Wild Coast, this classic single wick scented candle speaks to our innate sensuality with its striking hot pink packaging and trademark gold crest. The sixth in our collection of signature fragrances, Wild Coast encourages us to embrace our feminine energy with its sweetly seductive scent, rich in substances that enhance the body’s natural healing potential.

Fragrance Description: Wild Coast, where elegant iris captures enticing notes of black currant and wild jasmine grounded with rich praline and patchouli