Suzanne Snowdowne

After returning from a former life in London, CAPE ISLAND was started in 2015 by creative visionary, Suzanne Snowdowne and logistical guru, Karin Wood. Together they head up a a team of talented women and devoted mothers working to create a legacy.
Following the African tradition, we are a brand with a passion for telling stories through our products in a way that inspires people.
The story of Africa is told through the fragrances themselves but also through the dramatic artwork that adorns our packaging. Each item we produce connects you to the natural landscape and the many cultures and emotions woven into it. As an environmentally and socially responsible company, we recognise that simply telling these stories is not enough. Our mission is to be a force for positive change in our immediate community and the wider continent by finding ways to give back to our original muse, Africa.
The women at the helm are a formidable business team as well as friends, balancing out each others’ strengths with grace, kindness and a healthy dose of humour. We hope you’ll join us as we spread a little more light in the world, one luxury candle at a time.