Create a Cape Island Inspired Christmas Table

Set the tone of your event and create a festive atmosphere with these Cape Island inspired table setting tips.


Flowers are a must-have and will instantly beautify any table. Use budget-friendly local and seasonal flowers and greenery from your garden if you’re able to, and combine smaller and larger arrangements to create some depth.

Centrepieces can fill up a table and double as a conversation piece, but they can also look small and sparse. Always consider the size and shape of the table when creating your centrepiece and ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of guests wanting to engage across the table.

Unless you’re going for a rustic theme, always use a pressed tablecloth and napkins for a sophisticated look.


Be sure to include Christmas themed décor such as baubles and crackers to create nostalgia and bring in a festive element.

Candles instantly create a luxurious atmosphere. Create aromatic memories and set the mood at Christmas dinner by dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. Once again, combine mini and larger candles to build height without being intrusive. Surprise and dazzle your guests with a little table treasure and small gesture of appreciation as part of your table setting.

Plan your theme and select your décor items ahead of time to avoid stress on the day. In fact, set your table the day before to allow for any last-minute changes or additions.

And since it is the festive season, have some fun, take a few risks, and go ahead and flaunt your creative skills. 

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