Evocative Summer Scents

Unlike other seasons of the year when we likely gravitate towards heavy, warm, spicy scents to keep us cosy indoors, summer means time outside and the desire for lighter, more refreshing scents. 

The heat of the summer season can make our spaces feel stuffy when using heavier scents. Incorporating the right home fragrances can help us create fresh feeling spaces that soothe us when we return from our busy outdoor adventures.

Here is a selection of summer scents that will instantly elevate your space: 

Neroli flowers

For lovers of clean scents, the bold aroma of neroli is ideal for the summer season. The citrus family of notes are well-known for bearing energising properties. The floral yet cool fragrance may balance the heat and humidity for a fine, elegant embrace. 

Explore our range of room fragrances and natural reed diffusers in the Summer Vineyard collection blended with neroli, fresh fig leaf and ylang-ylang.

Coconut and Sea Salt 

What better time to invite the smell of an aquatic breeze into your space than in summer? Mimic exotic auras with coconut and sea salt scents. 

Plunge into blue ocean waters with our iconic Clifton Beach fragrance - with notes of sun-warmed coconut and refreshing lime. 

Patchouli leaves

Summer is the perfect time to venture into the wilderness and explore what nature has on offer. Allow the earthy scent of patchouli leaves to bring a piece of the majestic outdoors into your home.

Our Safari Days collection - with its grounding, woody notes, is an ode to the silent, complex beauty of the African bushveld.