5 Easy ways to reuse candle glass

What do you do with your empty Cape Island candle glass vessels after all the magical aromas have vaporised and provided you with countless relaxing moments? 

More than just the scented wax blend, many of us also fall in love with the elegant and beautifully designed containers that carry our favourite scents. Save and give your Cape Island branded candle containers new purpose by using them around your home - in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, or even outdoors. 

Here are a few ways to reuse and repurpose your decorative candle containers:

1. Organise your desk

Organise your office desk in just a few minutes by using old candle jars to store your pens, pencils, paper clips - smaller items that can make way for a productive workspace.

2. Neaten your bathroom vanity area

Organising this space will help you more easily access your day-to-day essentials. Large candle containers are perfect for storing makeup brushes, pencils, sponges, cotton balls, mascara, and everyday makeup accessories. 

3. Create a DIY plant pot

Empty scented candle containers are perfect for bringing leafy additions into your home. Use them to plant succulents, herbs, vegetables, or cute little flowering plants. Keep the containers next to windows to allow plants to benefit from flowing air and natural sunlight.

4. Use them as a vase for flowers

One of the best ways to repurpose empty candle vessels is to use them to hold fresh bloom bouquets. Freshen up your home by placing the little bouquets in every room to change or enhance the mood of your space.

5. Make a table centrepiece

Decorate your dinner table or create a romantic setting by adding fairy lights to empty candle containers. You can also fill vessels with marbles, seashells, beads, or pebbles to act as centrepieces for your table top.

There are so many ways to recycle and repurpose empty candle containers. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and share your ideas with us.