Fragrant Blooms - Jacaranda Trees Purple Explosions

There is no doubt that the transition between seasons offers spectacular natural phenomena that are worth exploring. It is that time of the year when streets are filled with seas of gorgeous blossoming flowers and petals.

Our beautiful motherland abounds with a variety of blooms for the perfect flower fix. One of the popular sights is the annual purple bloom in the Joburg and Pretoria streets.

From mid-October to early November, some of Gauteng's suburban streets experience an explosion of purple characterised by bright and blooming petals from jacaranda trees. A South American native tree, jacarandas landed in SA in late 1800 after the mining town of Johannesburg officially became a city on its own and quickly became Joburg’s spring signature.

Planted along new streets built during that time, these unusual trees grew in popularity mostly due to the charming violet-coloured petals and the magical view they bring.

This natural phenomenon is so mesmerising that people across the city get their cameras ready to lay eyes on the glorious sight.

If you find yourself in Joburg and want to tap into the floral ambiance, head over to suburbs like Northcliff, Kensington, Melrose, Norwood, Parkwood, Melville, or Westcliff for the best adventures.

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