We love hearing how Cape Island products feature in your living and workspaces! Read through some of our customer feedback below and keep letting us know your suggestions on how to best incorporate Cape Island products into our daily lives.

SAFARI DAYS - Perfect to unplug...

"This is one of the nicest smells I have ever had in a diffuser and I hope my nose never becomes accustomed to the smell as i love it. It makes me so happy to smell when i walk into my home" - Beth Bach 

CLIFTON BEACHA holiday within...

“Every visitor that comes here says “Oh my gosh your home smells so gorgeous!! “ and that’s the ultimate compliment for me” Sandy Tonkil 

"I bought Clifton beach diffuser and my entrance hall will never be the same again. It has such beautiful smell and it lasts long. Thank you Cape Island" - Eurita Shava 

It is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, and any room. Its fresh-coconut scent lingers and leaves a touch of Summer after every use.​


WILD COAST - Effortlessly beautiful

“On first glance, the packaging of the product is effortlessly beautiful and then the sheer surprise of opening the bottle to find a fragrance that transports you into a small piece of paradise. I highly recommend this product as a gift or more so a gift to yourself because you deserve something beautiful in your life too.” - Tarryn Fox

"Adding much luxury and style to my guest bathroom ensuring my guests feel spoiled and special. Lovely fragrance further compliments the extraordinary packaging." Megan Adams

BLACK GOLD - Calming & Serene aroma

“When I light these candles it puts me into a lovely serene mood. Happy to share the experience with family and friends. Made wonderful Christmas gifts." - 

I love the entire black gold range. My first experience with the products was at Kruger Shalati. - Lusani Nelufule-Mugivhi

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