In Winter we bring out the scarves and beanies, dress in layers of clothing and opt for warmer, richer scents.

Winter smells like cinnamon, steaming bowls of soup and crackling fires. Fragrance ​cravings intensify during this time, and ​the floral palette is ​replaced with notes ​holding a darker, spicier profile.​

Selecting your Winter Fragrance

Look out for base notes of patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood, as these heavier scents help fragrances linger for longer.

Personalities connected with Winter appreciate fragrances from the Fragrance Wheel families "Oriental" and "Woody".

Oriental - These fragrances are warm, spicy and sweet and vary between floral, soft, and woody oriental. Spicy scents are in the "warm" category and include Winter spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, carrying a rich, exotic smell often balanced by floral notes such as jasmine and orange blossom.

 Gourmand notes - which can also fall under the Oriental category, are sweet and tempting to taste buds. Fragrances in this category include delicious notes like chocolate, coffee and honey.

WoodyWoody fragrances are warm and mysterious and great for warm winter evenings. Captivating wood-based smells include cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and amber. Some woody fragrances have an earthy, sweet undertone, while others smell smoky or leathery. 


Experiment with these Cape Island fragrances that may perfectly match your Winter mood: 

Explore our three best Winter fragrances here: 

Black Gold - where gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum give way to the pull of lingering tobacco and rich oud.    

Safari Days - where spicy patchouli combines with a woody earthiness and a hint of wild sage.

African Storm - where the petrichor of fresh rain is unleashed through a burst of exotic baobab, jasmine and the warmth of white sandalwood


Do you prefer releasing your signature home fragrance all year round, or are you the kind of person who switches fragrances according to the occasion or season?