Pamper Your Mom: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Isn't she lovely?

What is a unique occasion to celebrate the incredible women we look up to! Mother's Day is all about expressing love and appreciation to all the mother figures and inspiring women who surround us.

Whether you are buying for a mum, step mum, soon-to-be or new mom, aunt, teacher, grandma, or any other special woman in your life; spoil them with gifts that are both elegant and seasoned to leave a lasting impression.

In this guide, we've suggested scented home products to delight mom and remind her of blissful moments.

Wild Coast

Candles from R165 - R695

Give your mum an excuse to host candlelit dinners, or to just enjoy a sweet-smelling atmosphere with our signature Wild Coast Fragrance. The balance of sultry and floral fragrance notes create an inviting and warm atmosphere reminiscent of the tropics.

Let this gift of fragrance elevate her space and remind her to savour life and fully enjoy every moment. 

Gift sets from R637 - R1050

Treat your mom to our beautifully packaged luxury gift sets. They provide the best in skincare and home fragrance.

Summer Vineyard 

Bring the sunshine and brighten up your mom's day with the fresh scent of Summer Vineyard. The elegant white glass containers will make a statement in her home while diffusing an irresistible aroma.

Reed Diffusers from R620 - R990

Perfect for glamourising any space, our diffusers ensure that the scent lingers for longer periods while making great decorative items.

Room and Linen Spray - R345


Black Gold

Perhaps you'd like to treat your mom like the royalty she is. Our Black Gold fragranced collection invites you to be bold and elegant. The heavy and rich scent will match perfectly with the cooler months coming up.

Large Soap & Lotion/Diffusers From R398

The classic geometric black glass container will add a unique touch to her interior while exuding ultimate opulence.

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