Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day with Cape Island

A mother is undoubtedly one of the most special people in our lives. Whether she is your protector, disciplinarian, or friend, your mother deserves to be honoured and cherished for the significant role she plays.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and pamper the mother figures in our lives. We spoke to the women at Cape Island and compiled a list of some of the most treasured characteristics moms hold:

Mothers are leaders

Mothers are visionaries and have the ability to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams and goals. They are the epitome of a leader as they are able to put themselves into others shoes and explore a new perspective.

Above all, a mother's role is constantly changing, yet she is able to quickly adapt and overcome obstacles.

Mothers are a source of strength

The strength of a mother is second to none. We take our example from the mothers at Cape Island who show up daily for both their households and the business and find their strength, especially during times of stress.

Mothers are teachers

Mothers help to shape their children’s growth and development by imparting lessons they’ve learned through life experience. As they are often the primary caregivers, mothers are our first teachers and help us understand the world around us.

Mothers are friends

Now more than ever, the importance of family connection is highlighted. Mothers often act as a friend to children due to their caring and nurturing nature. A mother can listen, empathize and help attain solutions wherever possible.

We wish all mothers a delightful Mothers’ Day and applaud you for the very special role you hold.

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