Meet Rene!

One of our three dedicated Customer Consultants.

Rene is a tough cookie, determined - especially in the pursuit of her goals, she is fierce, and a natural beauty! She loves the outdoors, savours a good wine, and recently uncovered a new passion for working out. Every day we look forward to hearing all about Rene's morning gym sessions. :)

A single mother of TWO fun and energetic toddlers, Rene’s life is a series of mini-adventures – from crèche drop offs to family activities on the weekends and of course, work in between.

"Having two kids under five years old requires patience, grace, and plenty of special T&T (Toddler Time). And at the end of the day, these are the moments I cherish the most," says Rene.

Rene lives in the Northern Suburbs and works in Westlake in the South, and so finds herself doing quite a bit of driving for the work and school daily commute. There's just not enough time in the day to allow her to attend to both her work and motherly duties, she says.

What she loves about her career?

Rene loves being a mother with a career. It not only provides her with financial stability but also fulfils her ambitions and desire to set and achieve goals. She truly feels empowered - at work, by her family and partner to be her best in all her roles.

"I am fortunate enough to feel empowered at my workplace. My kids are my number one priority and my job offers me the ability to provide and be present for them."