Safari Days - A tribute to the natural beauty of the  African Bushveld

The Peace Parks dream is to re-establish, renew and preserve large functional ecosystems that transcend man-made boundaries – thereby protecting and regenerating natural and cultural heritage vital to enabling and sustaining a harmonious future for man and the natural world.

''Our dream is to protect Africa's wild spaces to create a future for man in harmony with nature''

Their team is driven towards one single purpose – to restore a tomorrow for life on EarthAll over the world, they are witnessing the disappearance of nature as a result of human population growth, rampant development and destruction of ecosystems. These are the very same systems we rely on to provide food, energy, medicines, clean water and air to all life on earth. Biodiversity loss is lining up to be one of the greatest man-made crises ever. The global trend of mass species die-off and loss of functional ecosystems can however be stopped.

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