Meet Katherine Ballantyne! Managing Director and the mastermind behind SA weddings. 

Explore Katherine's remarkable contributions within the wedding industry below!


What inspired you to establish your business?

Cape Weddings, the foundation of SA Weddings, came into existence in 2000, even before the era of Google. During our own wedding preparations, we found it difficult to find wedding vendors. Recognising the potential, I envisioned a centralised online planning platform for the Western Cape Wedding industry, which materialised as Cape Weddings.

This idea later expanded, leading to the establishment of SA Weddings in 2009. Initiating the venture in 2000 was no easy feat, as we had to persuade the wedding industry of the promising future of online planning and the value of a directory as a resource for couples.

How has your creativity and passion enabled you to overcome challenges and achieve success in your journey?

We are so fortunate to work in an industry full of talent, that makes it so easy to fulfil my passion which is to showcase our clients' properties and services in the most creative way possible. The dedication and brilliance of South African wedding professionals inspires us daily, making it a joy to broadcast their remarkable work across various communication channels to couples planning their weddings.

As a team of creative minds at SA Weddings, we thrive on excitement and constantly think ahead. Our ability to envision trends, create inspiring content, and seek out new talents has been crucial in overcoming challenges in this dynamic industry. It is this passion that drives us to continuously improve and adapt, making our journey in the wedding industry a truly rewarding and fulfilling one.

As a woman entrepreneur, what advice would you give to aspiring women looking to pursue their dreams?

Firstly, you must have unwavering belief in both your product and yourself. Dream big and be open to receiving feedback, whether positive or negative, if someone has taken the time to engage with you, their input will present opportunities for growth and improvement. Passion for your business is the ultimate key to success, as it fuels your drive to overcome challenges and continue to build a better business.

Putting together a team that aligns with your vision and values is essential. A team that is able to support and inspire you makes the entrepreneurial journey even more exciting. Stay curious, explore new possibilities, and embrace the ever-changing landscape that is business ownership.