Today we highlight the incredible work of Anna Foundation! ​

​Through the Cape Island Giving Back initiative Anna Foundation receives a percentage of sales from our Summer Vineyard collection.​

Dive into a quick Q&A session and a more in-depth view of the exceptional women who drive the Anna Foundation forward.​

Could you share a memorable moment or project that showcased the positive impact of your efforts on the lives of women and families in your community? 

At the Anna Foundation we host a monthly training with our facilitators, who are women within the rural communities we serve, to ensure they can implement and carry out our 3R’s Programme. The aim of this training is to empower and upskill these women.

During the last few training sessions, our project managers have noticed that our facilitators are keener to learn and have a more positive outlook on life. They are excited to be at training and further develop themselves.

How do you believe women can leverage their unique skills and strengths to actively participate in events or projects that uplift and protect their communities? 

Our facilitators are the backbone of the Anna Foundation. These incredible women are fully dedicated and committed to the children they serve and are continually finding new and exciting ways to present the programme and support the children. Each of them are so unique and have different skills which make them amazing facilitators.

With most of them coming from the communities, they have these special relationships with the children and they utilise these skills to really make a difference in the lives of the children and their communities.

In your experience, what role does collaboration and unity among women play in achieving sustainable and impactful change within a community? 

We ensure that we are always there to support our facilitators where they need it. While our facilitators are spread out in the Boland and Langeberg areas, they continue to collaborate with each other and share ideas at training and outside of training via WhatsApp. Collaboration amongst our facilitators is important as it creates unity amongst them.

This community of facilitators within the Anna Foundation strives for collaboration and support, and by doing so these women create a safe and nurturing environment for themselves. When women are able to stand strong together, then nothing is impossible.

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