Summer Vineyard - A  tribute to the natural beauty of the Cape  Winelands.

The Anna Foundation was started in July 2005 by Anna Brom who was volunteering as a remedial teacher at a disadvantaged farm and township school in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Remedial education at these schools largely entailed teaching basic literacy (i.e. reading and writing) to learners of all ages. A vast number of learners aged 15 – 17 years, still attending primary school, were identified as unable to read at the level of an average 9-year old child. Their foundation was created to offer much needed support to children attending these schools and to provide them with a stimulating and uplifting environment in which to thrive by running educational and fun after-school programs.

Anna started by providing support classes in English and Maths to learners from Ipani Primary school. The school had no library facility so Anna started a library-in-a-box system, providing children with their first-ever taste of reading their own book. There were also no sports facilities at the school so Anna started a running group. These reading and running activities were then combined and became the start of the Anna Foundation’s 3Rs programme, namely Reading, Running and Right-ing. 

The 3 Rs programme is currently implemented on farms and in rural schools throughout the Western Cape. Local women from these rural communities are trained in the 3 Rs programme and become responsible for implementing it on a daily basis. The Anna Foundation has been a registered non-profit organisation since 2005 and working on farms in the Western Cape since 2007.

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