African Storm - A tribute to the women of Africa and their courageous spirit.

S-CAPE, founded in 2010, is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. They are a diverse group composed of both staff and volunteers from different continents, cultures, and backgrounds on a common mission to bring restoration to victims of human trafficking. The organization is a safe home that desires to bring holistic restoration to women and children coming out of human trafficking and exploitation. 

Their vision is seeing victims of Human Trafficking free and safe from exploitation, healed and restored, empowered with life skills, and returning to a normal and sustainable life. From 2008–2010, S-Cape Founder Miryam Cherpillod, co-directed JusticeACTs in vigorously rolling out a trafficking prevention campaign across South Africa, impacting tens of thousands of people. Through the prevention program, many unassisted victims of human trafficking were discovered. 


In 2015, S-Cape started the process of building an extension for 4 extra bedrooms.  Since the completion of the extension project, S-Cape has not only increased its intake capacity but has also managed to create space for a 2nd stage program.  To this day S-Cape is providing 1st and 2nd stage restoration services for women and children rescued from Human Trafficking. 


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