This week we’re celebrating another fabulous woman!

Monique is the production manager here at Cape Island! She is known for her colourful, classy dress code and definitely the Fashionista at our HQ.

She is a proud mom to a handsome young man of 17 years old and a lovely German shepherd with whom she spends most of her time when not in the office.

Monique thrives in nature and takes every opportunity to squeeze in a hike or walk on the beach to rejuvenate herself. A lover of life, Monique dreams of days at the pool overlooking gorgeous mountain views.

Challenge as a working mother?

As a single mom, Monique has to carry many roles to provide a balanced family environment for her son. 

Being a working mother in itself is quite challenging. Especially considering the dynamic of a single-parent household. “ I am the sole provider. I have a responsibility to always work and there's no way around it,” says Monique

Her experience

She reckons that motherhood is by far the best thing she’s ever done. This journey has moulded her into the person she is both professionally and personally.

"Navigating motherhood won't always be perfect, as painted in today's society. My greatest joy is to witness my son grow into a loving, accomplished and grounded young man." Says Monique