It's Wednesday, and so we're highlighting yet another phenomenal woman!


AKA Nelly, is an integral part of our skilled production and warehouse team. 

One word to describe Nelly - METICULOUS! She has a fine eye for detail and looks to perfect everything she does.


During this interview, she shared with us that she LOVES motherhood. 

She explains that it is hard to keep up with the demands of being a working mother, especially when you have young kids but that both roles contribute to her overall happiness.

The best part about being a mother:

She truly enjoys her kids and says, "They make me laugh and at the same time get on my nerves. They are really fun little friends to have." 

On weekends, Nelly succumbs to her children's demands to play in the park or have a swim at the beach and eat all the ice cream they want! 

She is proud to have successfully taught her kids that one needs to work (hard) in order to fulfil their needs and wants. As a mother, she recognizes that there are many trade-offs that need to happen for the family to be happy.