As part of our WCW, we'd like to turn the spotlight on Nthabi Taukobong
We recently met Nthabi as part of our involvement with the Design Joburg 2022 show and we are thrilled to have her guide us through the expo.

Nthabi Taukobong is a force to be reckoned with. She is the Founding Member and Managing Director of Ditau Interiors, an Interior Design consultancy company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that provides an exclusive design service to a niche Clientele in the leisure, spa, and residential markets.

She exudes vivaciousness, good energy, and zeal in every interaction. Her professional life has impacted her personal life too, helping shape her into a woman with an infectiously positive and profound attitude toward life.

Through her designs, Nthabi brings to focus spaces that reflect relaxed and natural interiors with distinct elements inspired by nature. She aims to create spaces that heal the soul

Through her extensive experience in Interior Design spanning over 20 years as one of the top interior designers in South Africa, Nthabi Taukobong plays a special role in promoting design in Africa. She shines the spotlight on original African furniture, artefacts, and accessories created throughout the continent.

She is passionate about mentoring students and young professionals by sharing her industry knowledge and helping build a network of support for designers through the African Institute of the Interior Design Professions.

Come and visit the Cape Island exhibition space and meet the team - tickets available at designjoburg.com - or sign up for the Cape Island Fragrance Workshop at capeisland.co.za.

 We hope to see you there!