Suzanne Snowdowne 

Co-Founder Of Cape  Island

After returning from a former life in London, CAPE ISLAND was started in 2015 by creative visionary, Suzanne Snowdowne and logistical guru, Karin Wood. Together they head up a a team of talented women and devoted mothers working to create a legacy. Following the African tradition, we are a brand with a passion for telling stories through our products in a way that inspires people.

Janine Binneman


Want to know what makes Cape Town jeweller Janine Binneman tick (besides the precious diamonds and multicoloured stones and metals she uses to make her incredible creations)? Uplifting other women and businesses is her game and one she walks and talks on a daily basis. This five-foot firecracker wears her heart on her sleeve – and her love for the ocean in her blue and green hued hair. Janine channels her Mermaizing-ness into each and every one of her custom designed and expert made pieces.

Coming soon...

Tyler Williams

Celebrity Make-up Artist

I am a Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist based in the beautiful heart of Cape Town. This year marks my 10th year of being in this incredible industry and I have truly been blessed in my career.  I started out with humble beginnings doing test shoot after test shoot in exchange for portfolio pictures which was where I gained a lot of my knowledge on working with all skin tones and different features. 

Leanne Botha

Co-founder of ALoveSupreme

Meet Leanne. The brains and driving force behind our friends at ALoveSupreme. Besides starting the business with her husband Ryan, she also manages a household of three kids and two pets. If she’s not thinking of new products to manufacture - or managing the team, she runs in the forest listening to podcasts or escapes to the beach with her family.  Listen  to the story that  inspired how Leanne  finds beauty  in  her surroundings.